We invite Authors from various academic centres to submit their proposals to Vol. 7 of “Educatio Nova” which explores the theme of


"Social relations in education, culture, media, language, literature, society..."

Topics covered include the presentation of:

- verbal and non-verbal communication (proxemics, kinesics, chronemics, haptics, the role of eye contact, paralangue); types of interferences;

- non-verbal aspects of intercultural communication;

- role of media in communication with the disabled;

- media and the intercultural awareness of the young;

- TV, Internet, press ludic narratives;

- TV, Internet, press educational narratives;

- rhetoric in media;

- influence of media on teenagers’ reading experiences;

- role model, authority in communication;

- new forms of interpersonal communication – overview of literature;

- role of feelings and emotions in interpersonal relations;

- literary (film, media, art and others) presentations of interpersonal relations;

- interpersonal competence as an area of research and a subject of discussion;

- interpersonal relations in school and other spheres of social life;

- interpersonal relations in the digital world;

- influence of new (and other types) media on interpersonal relations;

- role of language and communication in establishing interpersonal relations;

- role of Polish language education in developing interpersonal competence.


The submission deadline is October 31, 2021.

Posted: 2021-08-29
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