We would like to invite you to submit articles for the 8th issue of "Educatio Nova" (2023). The main topic of the issue is


"Transformations in culture, literature, language and education in the "time of plague".

We will welcome contributions from authors representing various research fields, because we want to provide a multi-faceted view of the problem. Possible areas of investigation are:  interpersonal relations during the pandemic  the impact of the pandemic on the physical condition and lifestyle, especially of young Poles  teachers and students in remote education  COVID in the digital world (educational, linguistic, socio-cultural aspects of the problem) or the digital COVID pandemic  creativity and innovation in times of pandemic  fashionable COVID words  fashion and design in times of pandemic  pandemics in historical and global contexts  understanding space in times of pandemic (social distancing, etc.);  non-verbal dimensions of the pandemic (changes in the understanding of space, face/mask, etc.)  "time of plague" as an educational challenge  communicating and learning in the "time of plague" (as a subject of research) traditional and/or modern school and education in the twenty-first century  school and education during the pandemic time and its impact on the education strategies to support student development in remote education methods  the time of the pandemic and its impact on the education process  strategies to support the development of the student in remote education  methods, techniques and forms of education (and self-education) in the digital age  building relationships in the educational real and virtual space – education in the "time of plague" as a subject of research and discussion  educational axiology in contemporary culture  relationships between students' activity in the network and their educational achievements  theoretical foundations and other sources of inspiration for education in the twenty-first century (including remote education)  remote Polish language lessons in the light of research, etc. Articles should be sent by the end of June 2022.

Posted: 2022-01-09
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