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No 5 (2020) A Sentimental Aspect of Franciszek Wiktor Dmochowski’s “Napoleonic” Memoirs Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Artur Timofiejew
No 4 (2019) About Intuitive Interpretation in the Age of Neuroscience Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Aneta Grodecka
No 2 (2017) About Some Consequences of Affective Rejection in Cultural Studies Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Barbara Myrdzik
No 5 (2020) Aesthetotherapeutic Ways of the Formation of the Worldview Culture in Future Primary School Teachers Abstract   PDF
Yuliia Kulimova
No 5 (2020) Anthropocentric and Cultural Trend in Didactic Literature and Contemporary Anthropology Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Ewa Ogłoza
No 4 (2019) Assessment at School as an Interactive Communication Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Iwona Morawska
No 4 (2019) Assessment of Abilities of Writing Longer Works Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Aleksandra Araszkiewicz
No 5 (2020) “At Home” – Anton Chekhov’s Textbook for Parents Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Artur Sadecki
No 5 (2020) “Let’s Do What Is Ours!”, or about the Intellectual Ethos in a Modern Paraenesis by Wojciech Młynarski Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Aneta Wysocka
No 5 (2020) “Polish for Everyone”. A Few Notes on the Oldest Textbooks for Learners of Polish in the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF
Renata Rusin Dybalska
No 5 (2020) “Unexpected Moments of Empathy” – Teaching Mindfulness through the Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Agata Patalas
No 5 (2020) Becoming a Borderland Human Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Renata M. Sigva
No 3 (2018) Between Bilingualism and Intertextuality (Someone Else’s Word As a Subtext): From Bierdiaev to Gazdanov Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Maria Cymborska-Leboda
No 4 (2019) Between Evaluation and Accreditation. Polish Perception of German Experience in the Context of Public Policies Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Krzysztof Szewior
No 1 (2016) Beyond Borders Abstract   PDF
Li-Rong Lilly Cheng
No 4 (2019) Beyond the Boundaries of Parametrization Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Leszek Korporowicz
No 2 (2017) Body, Emotions, Mind – Mechanisms of Film Reception Revisited Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Bogusław Skowronek
No 3 (2018) Cognitive Definitions of the Person with Intellectual Disability – on Selected Examples Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Urszula Jęczeń, Magdalena Saj
No 1 (2016) Competency-based Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Proposal of a New Curriculum Abstract   PDF
Haydée F. Wertzner, Fernanda Dreux M. Fernandes
No 3 (2018) Contribution of Polish Female Linguists to Pre-War Linguistics – Scientific Review Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Katarzyna Skowronek
No 1 (2016) Cracow School of Linguistic Logopedics – the Past, the Present, and the Future Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Mirosław Michalik
No 5 (2020) Cultural Glottodidactics Abroad – Some Thoughts on the Practice of Teaching Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Kinga Siatkowska-Callebat
No 5 (2020) Cyprian Kamil Norwid from the Perspective of Contemporary School Reception and in the Reception of the Local Environment Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Wioletta Żórawska
Tatiana Kalinina
No 1 (2016) Developmental Dyslexia – Knowledge and Own Experiences of Prospective Speech Therapists Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Aneta Domagała, Urszula Mirecka, Ewa Muzyka-Furtak
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