Assessing the Prospects for the E-Commerce Development in Poland on the Basis of a Behavior Analysis of Young Adults Segment

Izabela Ostrowska


The purpose of this article is to analyze how young customers (aged 18–29) perceive using the Internet as a means to purchase products. The nationwide research (N=770) was carried out by an innovative CAWI method at the end of 2012. The group of young adults uses the online eagerly; 98% of them do it every day. In the year 2012, as much as 86% of those surveyed, purchased goods via Internet at least once. Furthermore, a significant number of them (70%) perceive the Internet as an essential channel for communication with firms. The group of young adults constitutes the core of the internet community and therefore should be considered a target group for firms selling products and services online. It is expected that the dynamic development of the information technologies in our society will lead to an increase in the number of internet trade transactions, provided that there is further customers’ approval and satisfaction in this area.


e-commerce; communication on the Internet; young adults behaviors

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