Leasing and Bank Credit in the System of Public Procurement in Poland in Comparison with Other European Countries

Wojciech Starzyński


Concluding leasing and bank credit contracts public sector entities are subject to, as all other expenditures on services and goods, the rigors of public procurement law. The aim of the paper is to compare how often these two sources of public financing are used in Poland and other European countries. As for public procurement of value less than so-called European thresholds, Poland is characterized by very high amount of bank credits in comparison with leasing services. In case of public procurement with higher values (more than the EU thresholds), the situation in the period 2010–2014 is the same, however, tendency of amount of bank credits is decreasing, while the number of leasing contracts slowly increases. The Polish public entities are leaders in the EU especially in the area of public contracts for bank credits. It could be explained by their preferences in the field of financial means by such procedures which do not require additional complicated description of public procurement subject. Bank credits fulfill such a condition.


leasing; bank credit; public procurement law

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17951/h.2016.50.4.457
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