The Canadian Pension System – a Model to Follow?

Teresa Hanna Bednarczyk, Łukasz Szwedo


The aim of this paper is to present the characteristics of the Canadian pension scheme as a possible alternative to the desirable direction of change and transformation in the Polish pension system. The Canadian pension system is highly appreciated and the solutions contained in it are often indicated as a model in the context of carrying out the reform of pension systems in Europe and the world. Particular attention is paid to the Canadian government pension which offered the minimum citizen’s pension and a high level of supplementary pension savings, which is determined by the best system solutions. In Poland we need mechanisms that will allow the Poles, especially those moderately wealthy, to build up pension capital. However, it requires the development of pension awareness, universal education, employers’ engagement and support, as well as an effective system of incentives and tax breaks from the state. It seems that many solutions from the Canadian pension system could be used also in Poland.


old age security; citizen’s pension; pension plans; savings accounts

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