Global Banks and Systemic Risk in the European Union: Limiting Tools

Jan Koleśnik


The paper presents the most important tools for reducing systemic risk in the European Union generated by global banks and their subsidiaries operating in the Member States. The analysis was not limited to tools dedicated exclusively to global banks but also covered the universal mechanisms that could help reduce the systemic risk generated by these entities. According to the author, the mechanisms and tools examined are undoubtedly a step in the right direction. However, covering global banks with a resolution system cannot be considered as an alternative to bank divisions, as the size of the funds in the resolution systems will never be enough to carry out the resolution of such a bank without the need for public funds.


global systemically important banks; banking resolution; capital buffers; systemic risk

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Date of publication: 2018-02-27 16:38:02
Date of submission: 2017-07-13 14:21:15


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