Using the product life cycle theory in the valuation of footballers’ performance rights of chosen Polish players

Sebastian Mariusz Majewski


The economists’ recognition that sport is a commercial field of business caused the necessity of treating main elements of a sport event as the commercial product. The football match as an event became a place of trading of entertainment services, which are the better the more brands (famous footballers) participate in these events. Thus spectators are not the clubs fans but they are clients buying a service, in eyes of economists. The Sloane’s approach to football treating football clubs as enterprises and professional football as the industry is adjusted to the proposition of using the product life cycle theory in the analysis of changes in football players’ performance rights.

The main goal of an article is to prove that theory of product life cycle could be successfully used in analysis and diagnosis of the market value of footballers. Therefore, there is the hypothesis raised – the compilation of different analytical functions helps in diagnosis of the life cycle of the professional football player. The data of market values of chosen Polish national team players are taken from the web page


football; market valuation; product life cycle; nonlinear functions

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