Selected aspects of the corporate sector financial standing in terms of the macroeconomic conditions

Czesław Skowronek


Variable trends were shown in the financial standing of Polish non-financial corporate sector in 2008–2012. They resulted from significant fluctuations of the dynamics of economic processes. The
negative impact of both global financial and economic crisis also affected the activity of the Polish corporate sector. The slowdo wn in the rate of growth, export and import dynamics, the absolute decline in investment (in 2009), the volatility of the zloty against the U.S. dollar and euro adversely affected the financial performance of companies. Despite these negative phenomena in the financial standings of enterprises it should be noted the required liquidity level positive financial results of capital structure
improvement have been maintained in the majority of enterprises.
The year 2012 brought the deepening of the crisis in a number of countries. Polish enterprise sector recorded again a worsening financial situation. Outlooks for the future do not indicate that the 2013 is going to be exceptional. Further situation worsening must be taken into consideration. The corporate sector will continue to make profits, maintain financial liquidity in the majority of enterprises, and capital structure will have positive effect on the general situation of the financial sector.


corporate sector; financial situation; liquidity; profitability; resources productivity; capital structure; exports; investments; income; assets; expenses; revenues

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Date of publication: 2015-07-23 22:45:22
Date of submission: 2015-07-04 21:29:12


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