Beigbeder and immorality of modern society

Snezana Petrova


Frédéric Beigbeder, French writer, takes a sarcastic and uncomfortable look at the future of the immediately contemporary world. His narrative technique, his bold, provocative and innovative style, the figure of his protagonist who looks much more like an antihero, create a literature voluntarily disengaged from explicit political discussion, to the benefit of the intimate and the anecdotal, where contemporary French society is carefully scrutinized. Our study therefore consists of an analysis of Beigbeder’s works with the purpose of bringing out their civilizational and societal notions and exposing the ambiguity of the society of our time and its oppression of the human being, described in all its truth, with its baseness, malaise, and solitary but deeply greedy and absurd nature.


contemporary man, French society, overconsumption, transgression, degradation


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