Sharia Criminal Law – Structure And Influence Throughout History

Agnieszka Minda, Joanna Nowak

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The main subject of consideration in this article is the structure of the Sharia criminal law, its characteristics and influence on Islamic law based on selected countries. Discussed questions concerned on concept Islamic law, sources of law like Koran, Sunna, Kijas and Idżma.
Moreover, in the article, it will be shown the characteristic of Muslim penal law, including crimes like “Hadd”, “Kisas” and characteristic an illicit acts “Tazir”. In the article is also described influence Sharia law on different countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Libya. Structure of Sharia penal law concerns showing its as an universal, normative and dogmatic legal religious system, which regulate Muslims behavior in all areas of life.
In the conclusion, it is estimated the essence of the religion of Islam and its impact on the functioning of society and the state, as well as its relationship with the legal system of Muslim countries.

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