Logistic processes in the marketing activity of enterprises

Czesław Skowronek


The article encompasses the analysis of logistic processes supporting the marketing activity of enterprises. These processes include in particular: transportation, warehousing, managing the level and the structure of inventory and streams of information used in steering.
During the ongoing Polish economic transformation (1989–2014) significant changes, both quantitative and qualitative, have occurred, which have had a beneficial effect on the activity of enterprises and their market positions. Transportation of goods is mainly taken care of by private enterprises, which own modern fleet of vehicles. Polish transport enterprises successfully compete on the European markets.
Modern warehouses, equipped with automated measures of warehousing operations provide adequate protection of inventory and efficiency of manipulative operations (unloading, relocation and loading).
Basic numerical data, which characterizes the level and structure of inventory, was presented in the article. Inventory management was adjusted to the needs of clients and became a significant instrument of ensuring the efficiency of sales processes.
A concise characteristics of information systems that are used in the logistic processes of enterprises was also presented in the article.


logistics, transportation, warehousing, inventory, marketing, information

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17951/h.2015.49.1.147
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