Analysis of the Construction Companies Situation in Poland in 2007–2015

Angelika Amanda Banach-Kobyra


The aim of the article was to determine the situation of construction sector companies in Poland. The analyzes were carried out on the basis of the statistical data related to the indicated companies, in the years 2007–2015. As an additional feature of the financial situation of the studied sector, there were pointed out statistics on bankruptcies in this area in the indicated years of analysis. Many of measurable characteristics were analyzed, such as the size of receivables, liabilities, revenues of different activities or net profit of the studied group. This led to the conclusion that the situation of the construction industry in the years 2007–2015 can be defined as positive. In addition, it should be noted that the size of the bankruptcy of analyzed enterprises reflects the situation, about which conclusions can be drawn from the aspects analyzed in the study.


construction industry; enterprises; financial condition

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