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No 5 (2020) #Hashtag: How Selected Texts of Popular Culture Engaged With Sexual Assault In the Context of the Me Too Movement in 2019 Abstract   PDF
Anna Oleszczuk
No 3 (2018) A Dog or a Wolf – The Role of Connotations in Animalistic Metaphors and the Process of Dehumanisation Abstract   PDF
Małgorzata Patrycja Waśniewska
No 6 (2021) A Few Comments on Disciplinary Differences in Academic Publishing Abstract   PDF
Zuzana Kozáčiková
No 6 (2021) A Power Shrouded in Petticoats and Lace: The Representation of Gender Roles in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Abstract   PDF
Margaret Steenbakker
No 5 (2020) A Story about Ruin: An Ecofeminist Perspective on Omar El Akkad’s American War Abstract   PDF
Bettina Huber
No 6 (2021) A Tale of Two Americas: The American Dream in Cobra Kai Abstract   PDF
Ilias Ben Mna
No 3 (2018) Aestheticization of Serial Killers in Contemporary Crime Literature and Film Abstract   PDF
Ewa Ziomek
No 5 (2020) Aging and/with Literature Abstract   PDF
Oksana Blashkiv
No 4 (2019) America’s Digital Messiah(s) of Detroit: Become Human (2018) Abstract   PDF
Izabela Tomczak
No 5 (2020) An Andalusian View of Death in Translation: ‘Clamor’ by Federico García Lorca and its Polish Translation Abstract   PDF
Anna Jamka
No 7 (2022) An Emerging New American Mythos: Post-Apocalyptic Narratives as Expressions of Rupture, Rage, Resignation, and Regret Abstract   PDF
Celeste Lacroix, Robert Westerfelhaus
No 4 (2019) Angry in Pink: Representation of Women in Video Games in the Infamous Franchise (2009-2014) Abstract   PDF
Agata Waszkiewicz
No 1 (2016) “A Proverb a Day Keeps Boredom Away.” Anti-Proverbs, Twisted Proverbs, Perverbs and Other Animals Abstract   PDF
Justyna Mandziuk
No 5 (2020) “Are we not Men?”: Reading the Human-Animal Interface in Science Fiction through John Berger’s “Why Look at Animals?” Abstract   PDF
Andrei Smolnikov
No 6 (2021) “Depressed Sufferings”: Reading Dalit Life-Writings as Testimonies of Collective Resistance Abstract   PDF
Paulomi Sharma
No 4 (2019) “Dogwood and Chestnut, Flowering Judas”: The Role of Tree Images in T.S. Eliot’s Poetry Abstract   PDF
Julia Wilde
No 7 (2022) “I am Alone in the Dark, Turning the World Around in my Head” – Space-Time Creation in Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark Abstract   PDF
Julia Maria Kula
No 7 (2022) “I Don’t Need Your Help! I’m a Scientist!” Biotechnology, Digital Visual Effects, and (the Lack of) Human Control of Life in Zoo Abstract   PDF
Michael Fuchs
No 4 (2019) “Kubla Khan” and Islamic Structures: Retracing Symbolism and Investigating Imagination Abstract   PDF
Subhradeep Chatterjee
No 2 (2017) “May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor” Dystopian Reality in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Trilogy Abstract   PDF
Julia Kula
No 4 (2019) “Then Thickest Dark did Trance the Sky”: A Representation of Psychological Decay in Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “Mariana” Abstract   PDF
Dorota Osińska
No 2 (2017) Beyond the Convention? Representation of Female Characters in Middle English Romances Abstract   PDF
Justyna Kiełkowicz
No 5 (2020) Bibliotherapy and OCD: The Case of Turtles All The Way Down by John Green (2017) Abstract   PDF
Michael Hall
No 6 (2021) Black Lives Matter on Screen: Trauma of Witnessing Police Brutality in Contemporary American Cinema Abstract   PDF
Małgorzata Mączko
No 5 (2020) B.S. Johnson’s Liberatic Cityscape in Albert Angelo Abstract   PDF
Katarzyna Biela
No 6 (2021) Celebrating Indigenous National Cinemas and Narrative Sovereignty through the Creation of Kin Theory, an Indigenous Media Makers Database Abstract   PDF
Michelle Y. Hurtubise
No 4 (2019) Censorship in Irish Broadcasting Abstract   PDF
Aleksandra Mirek-Rogowska
No 5 (2020) Challenging Anthropological Thinking at the Intersection of Posthumanist Dream Writing and Animal Studies Abstract   PDF
Monika Kosa
No 4 (2019) Classroom Interaction in Oral Language Learning Events Created by EFL Storytelling-based Games Abstract   PDF
Klaudia Gąsior
No 7 (2022) Complicit in the Murder Program: Podcasting Dystopia in The Intercept’s Evening at the Talk House (2018) Abstract   PDF
Hanne Nijtmans
No 6 (2021) Corporate Colonization of Blackness – The Representation of Blackness in the National Basketball Association from 1984 to 2005 Abstract   PDF
Till Neuhaus, Niklas Thomas
No 1 (2016) Creative Use of Sound in the Cinematic Adaptation of The Great Gatsby Abstract   PDF
Lidia Kniaź
No 6 (2021) Dildoshops, Gritty, and Bernie’s Mittens: The Framing of American Politics Through Pop Cultural Memes Abstract   PDF
Christina Wurst
No 3 (2018) Do Androids Have Nightmares About Electric Sheep? Science Fiction Portrayals of Trauma Manifestations in the Posthuman Subject in Frankenstein, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and ‘Nine Lives’ Abstract   PDF
Ida Marie Olsen
No 3 (2018) Donald Trump and the American Literary Tradition Abstract   PDF
Merritt Moseley
No 6 (2021) Dressed for Work: The Sartorial Representations of Working Women in Early 21st-Century American Primetime Dramas Abstract   PDF
Emilia Nodżak
No 1 (2016) Editorial Details   PDF
Anna Bendrat
No 6 (2021) Enhancing Productive Skills in Plurilingual Educational Settings through Metalinguistic Awareness and Instructional Dialogue Abstract   PDF
Begoña Lasa-Alvarez
No 3 (2018) Extraordinary Motivation or a High Sense of Personal Agency: The Role of Self-Efficacy in the Directed Motivational Currents Theory Abstract   PDF
Arkadiusz Pietluch
No 3 (2018) Failed Failures: The Critique of the Game of Thrones Video Game Abstract   PDF
Agata Waszkiewicz
No 3 (2018) Formulaic Language in the Magnifying Glass. Setting Parameters on the Analyzability of Linguistic Structure Abstract   PDF
Justyna Mandziuk
No 2 (2017) Formulaic Sequences in First Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Learning Abstract   PDF
Marta Orlik
No 2 (2017) From “Paddies” to “Spics”: The Comparison between the Contemporary Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric in American Media and the Anti-Irish one in the 19th Century Abstract   PDF
Małgorzata Furgacz
No 1 (2016) Genderlects in Polish Teenagers’ Writing Abstract   PDF
Olga Jungiewicz
No 7 (2022) Genre, Narrative, and (Mis)remembering the Vietnam War in Jacob’s Ladder (1990) Abstract   PDF
Nick Redfern
No 2 (2017) Getting Your Porridge Right is Difficult: Social Media as the Key to Understand the English Abstract   PDF
Klaudia Gąsior
No 6 (2021) How Damsels Love: The Transgressive Pleasure of Romance Abstract   PDF
Renata Elizabetta Ntelia
No 3 (2018) How Far From a 19th Century Flâneur? A Female Urban Walker in Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things Abstract Abstract   PDF
Julia Kula
No 6 (2021) (Im)possible Escape? H. G. Wells, Utopia and the World State Abstract   PDF
Barbara Klonowska
No 7 (2022) In Love With Cancer: Netflix Portrayals of the Cancer Experience Abstract   PDF
Rayna Morel, Colby Miyose
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