The Importance of Teacher Training and the Creation of an Appropriate School Infrastructure for the Implementation of Digital Platforms in Pre-University Education

Flutura Dervishi, Asllan Vrapi


The study explores the importance of creating the appropriate infrastructure, with digital tools, in schools, as well as the appropriate training in the field of information technology, to efficiently implement modern digital platforms in the pre-university system. The study focuses on the importance of creating a proper digital infrastructure in the school and the efficiency of teachers training in the field of digital technology, as two key factors that enable the efficiency of the implementation of digital platforms in school for the development of online, hybrid or even remote education, as was the case with the use of these scenarios during the COVID-19 pandemic, or while implementing modern digital platforms for quality management of pre-university education, referring to the SMIP platform. The purpose of this study is to investigate the role that these two key factors have in the effectiveness of digital reforms in pre-university education.


SMIP; digital platform; implementation; training; digital infrastructure

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