Vasyl Sukhomlynsky and the Phenomenon of Elementary School Teacher’s “Creative Acme”

Maryana Marusynets, Inna Perepeliuk


The article attempts to examine the phenomenon of “creative acme” from the standpoint of the outstanding academic, educator Vasyl Sukhomlynsky. It indicates the phenomenology of the concept, features and specifics of the key concept from educator’s conceptual positions and considerations, his reflections about the importance of creativity in education and upbringing of pupils. The main principles are outlined, which, according to Sukhomlynsky, reveal the creative potential of the teacher and determine the meaning of his or her professional success throughout the life, namely volitional efforts, proactive attitude, motivation to fulfill one’s potential; creative orientation, development of creativity. Sukhomlynsky considered that creativity criteria include a teacher’s capacity for innovativeness, improvisation and insight. According to the educator, they contribute to the development of emotions and inner language (language of experience), attention, imagination, creativity, self-confidence. These qualities are interdependent, as they develop and form not only in pupils, but also in the teacher, who is a carrier of creativity. Particular emphasis is placed on the technologies for the development of creative interaction which took place in the educational process of the Pavlysh School and were summarized in such works as School of Joy, My Heart I Give to Children, and which can be fully implemented in the content of the Concept of the New Ukrainian School. These are the development of creative playgrounds/laboratories, where, together with children, the teacher experiences a sense of inspiration, revelation, insight, comprehension, variation and improvisation, quest and errors. It is these technologies that develop students’ interest in learning, “push” them towards creativity, and reveal “a new world” for them. Therefore, the task of the teacher is to develop this ability throughout life. This is the meaning of Sukhomlynsky’s “creative acme” as a carrier of innovativeness and mentor for teachers whose experience is unsurpassed for future generations.


teacher’s personality; creative acme; innovativeness; improvisation; teaching and educational process of the Pavlysh School

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