The NetQues Project: Process, Outcomes and Beyond

Aileen Patterson


This article outlines some of the challenges in delivering coherent Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) education “fit for purpose” across Europe and briefly describes outcomes and results of the NetQues project. 65 partners from across Europe were recruited into a multilateral academic and professional network for Tuning European SLT Education Programmes (NetQues). Multinational teams identified current practices, common themes, curricula and delivery of prequalification SLT programmes. Each of the lines of the European Tuning Methodology was built into the design of the project to gather and analyse the data. Ethnographic and survey research methods were adopted. EU wide surveys were conducted. A comprehensive set of SLT competences as “Benchmark Statements” was agreed upon by the European network, translated and published in 24 EU languages by SLT partners. A glossary of terminology, snapshots of country profiles and examples of good practice were identified to support the education of SLTs across Europe, including education providers, approval/accreditation policy makers and key stakeholders engaged in ensuring quality standards within the profession and its pre-qualification education.


pre-qualification education; speech and language therapy; tuning; benchmarks; competences

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