Ideas of Citizenship and Citizenship Education in Canada

Volodymyr Pogrebnyak


In the research, the comparative pedagogical analysis of approaches to citizenship education in Canada is carried out. Contradictions and debatable aspects of present conceptions of democratic citizenship are exposed, progress of the most important pedagogical theory trends in this sphere of education is set. The conducted research allowed drawing conclusion that preparation of a citizen in the widest understanding is one of the leading tasks of the modern system of public education in Canada. Inconsistencies of approaches to citizenship education and debates on existent conceptions of democratic citizenship are predefined by (1) internal complication, (2) normative character and (3) absence of unity in interpretation of terminology. Present conceptions are differentiated, primarily, by the degree of citizen participation in public life, and are grouped in elite, populist and transitional varieties. At the same time, the main tendency of pedagogical researches on the essence of democratic citizenship in Canada can be categorised as transition from declaration of simple awareness of citizens about their own rights and duties and partiality for the ideals of democracy to stimulation of the initiative contributing to community’s life.


Canada; citizenship; citizenship education; conceptions of democratic citizenship; elite and populist approaches

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