Ethnolinguistics. Problems of Language and Culture

The journal was launched in 1988 as a forum for discussion of the problems of cultural and cognitive linguistics, the linguistic worldview, stereotypes and value terms – these were new and topical problems at the time. Since 2004, Etnolingwistyka has been the official journal of two ethnolinguistic commissions: domestic (within the Linguistic Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and international (affiliated with the International Slavic Committee). Since the launching of the international EUROJOS project in 2008, the range of authors has been constantly growing. Its readership includes philologists, linguists, cultural studies scholars, and anthropologists –, researchers, faculty members, and students.

Punkty MEiN: 40

ISSN: 0860-8032
e-ISSN: 2449-8335
Submitted articles rejection rate: approx. 30%


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Vol 32 (2020)

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