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Vol 28, No 4 (2019) Between sacrilegium and ἀνδρομανία. Justinian’s Law in the Testimonies of Byzantine Historians Abstract   PDF
Ewa Gajda
Vol 32, No 5 (2023) Białowieża Primaeval Forest – a Conflict between the Polish Government and the European Commission Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew R. Kmiecik, Marzena Furtak-Niczyporuk, Grzegorz Grzywaczewski, Ignacy Kitowski
Vol 19 (2013) Bibliography of works of Professor Marian Lech Klementowski Details   PDF (Język Polski)
Wojciech Witkowski
Vol 32, No 3 (2023) Bicameralism in Slovenia throughout a Three-Dimensional Approach Abstract   PDF
Dušan Štrus, Boštjan Brezovnik
Vol 32, No 2 (2023) Big Data Profiling and Predictive Analytics from the Perspective of GDPR Abstract   PDF
Maciej Siwicki
Vol 26, No 1 (2017): Special Issue: The Legal Determinants of Agricultural Policy Biodiversity Conservation as the Determinant of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Paweł Gała
Vol 30, No 5 (2021) Blockchain as a Non-Standard Response to the Limitation of Positive Law in the Social Media Environment Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Natalia Karpiuk
Vol 27, No 2 (2018) Brygida Kuźniak, Milena Ingelevič-Citak (red.), Ius cogens – soft law. Dwa bieguny prawa międzynarodowego publicznego, Kraków 2017, pp. 479 Details   PDF (Język Polski)
Piotr Łaski, Piotr Obacz
Vol 22 (2014) Business and constitutional (ir)responsibility of the Deputy Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Dariusz Dudek
Vol 25, No 3 (2016): Special Issue: From Past Law to Contemporary Law. Jubilee Book in Honour of Professor Wojciech Witkowski Cases of Removing Immunity for the District and Municipal Administration Officials of the Department of Poznań in the Duchy of Warsaw Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Marek Krzymkowski
Vol 31, No 4 (2022) Central Public Administration Authority at the Regional Level in Albania Abstract   PDF
Nevila Xhindi, Noémia Bessa Vilela
Vol 28, No 4 (2019) Certainty and US criminal law. Vagueness, non-retroactivity and stare decisis Abstract
dimitris liakopoulos
Vol 30, No 1 (2021) Cessio legis During Court Proceedings for Payment: Withdrawal of the Suit with a Waiver of the Claim Resulting in Damage to the Purchaser of the Claim Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Magdalena Surowiec
Vol 29, No 5 (2020) Change of Composition of Voivodeship Board as a Result of Changing Its Statute in the Context of Keeping Principles of Polish Structural Administrative Law Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Jarosław Czerw, Piotr Świerczyński
Vol 32, No 5 (2023) Change of Parties in the New Hungarian Civil Code from a Comparative Perspective Abstract   PDF
Péter Gárdos
Vol 24, No 3 (2015) Changes in Law Regulations Concerning Additional Employment Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Bogusław Cudowski
Vol 29, No 4 (2020) Changes in the Executive Body of the Municipality since the Electoral Term 2018–2023 Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Kamil Sikora
Vol 22 (2014) Characteristics of the acts on government and politics of the Nordic autonomies Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Stanisław Sagan, Viktoriya Serzhanova, Dominika Wapińska
Vol 30, No 4 (2021) Chemisation of Agriculture in Selected Legal Acts Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Monika Żuchowska-Grzywacz
Vol 25, No 1 (2016) Chosen Aspects of Functioning of the Constitutional Principle of the Protection of Legitimate Expectations under Criminal Law in a Legal Norms’ Internalization Perspective as a Condition of its Effectiveness Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Magdalena Budyn-Kulik, Marek Kulik
Vol 31, No 5 (2022): Contemporary Challenges of Parliamentarism – Theory and Practice. Special Issue Devoted to the Memory of Professor Wojciech Orłowski (1963–2019) Citizens’ Resolution Initiative of the Inhabitants of Local Government Units in Poland Abstract   PDF
Joanna Kielin-Maziarz, Krzysztof Skotnicki
Vol 30, No 4 (2021) Civil Law Status of Transmission Equipment (Article 49 of the Polish Civil Code) Abstract   PDF
Michał Zalewski
Vol 29, No 5 (2020) Civil Liability for Damage Caused by a Physical Defect of an Autonomous Car in Polish Law Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Jolanta Loranc-Borkowska
Vol 25, No 2 (2016) Civil Procedure Code Amendment and its Impact on Enforcement Proceedings Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Paulina Wilhelmina Konarska
Vol 26, No 4 (2017) Claims for Compensation Attributed to Former Owners of the So-Called Warsaw Land Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Agnieszka Polus
Vol 21 (2014) Codification of the responsibility of international organizations Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Edyta Lis
Vol 25, No 3 (2016): Special Issue: From Past Law to Contemporary Law. Jubilee Book in Honour of Professor Wojciech Witkowski Cognitio extra ordinem Procedure in the Roman Public Criminal Law Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Krzysztof Amielańczyk
Vol 19 (2013) Coll. 1.0. DE SICARIIS [ET HOMICIDIIS CASU VEL VOLUNTATE] – the short lecture on transformation of Roman law against „dagger-men” into the common law on homicide Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Krzysztof Amielańczyk
Vol 27, No 2 (2018) Commentary on the Decision of the Supreme Court of January 11, 2017 (III KK 196/16, OSNKW 2017, No. 5, Item 25) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Marcin Klonowski
Vol 27, No 2 (2018) Commentary on the Judgment of the Appellate Court in Wrocław of November 22, 2017 (II AKa 341/17) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Aneta Michalska-Warias
Vol 27, No 2 (2018) Commentary on the Supreme Administrative Court’s Judgment of September 13, 2016 (II OSK 3028/14) Regarding the Consideration of the Owner Interest in the Building Object and the Value of Protected Law in the Event of a Change in the Method of Use of the Object Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Sławomir Zwolak
Vol 27, No 2 (2018) Commentary on the Verdict of the Court of Appeal in Szczecin of April 26, 2017 (II AKa 191/16, LEX No. 2295144) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Magdalena Budyn-Kulik
Vol 31, No 1 (2022) Commentary to the verdict of the Appellate Court in Białystok from 3 October 2018, II Aka 68/18 Abstract
Aneta Michalska-Warias
Vol 32, No 5 (2023) Comments on the Implementation of the Sale of Goods Directive into the Polish Legal Order Abstract   PDF
Paweł Jurczyński
Vol 30, No 1 (2021) Comments on Wojciech Dzieduszycki’s Reflections on the State and Law Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Łukasz Szymański
Vol 29, No 1 (2020) Communal Seniors Council as an Institution of Social Participation in Local Government Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Emilia Gulińska
Vol 31, No 2 (2022) Community Mediation-Based Legal Culture in Resolving Social Conflicts of Communities Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Hilman Syahrial Haq, Achmadi Achmadi, SInung Mufti Hangabei, Arief Budiono
Vol 32, No 5 (2023) Comparative Law and Procedural Law in Poland in 1918–1933 with a Particular Emphasis on the Silesian Voivodeship Abstract   PDF
Anna Stawarska-Rippel
Vol 29, No 4 (2020) Comparative Research on the Metropolitan Administration and Service in Porto Abstract   PDF
István Hoffman, János Fazekas, András Bencsik, Bálint Imre Bodó, Kata Budai, Tamás Dancs, Borbála Dombrovszky, Péter Ferge, Gergely Kári, Domokos Lukács, Marcell Kárász, Lili Gönczi, Zsolt Renátó Vasas, Kristóf Balázs Cseh, Dorottya Papp, Csaba Molnár
Vol 30, No 1 (2021) Comparison between the Polish-Lithuanian Constitution of 3 May 1791 and the Spanish Constitution of 19 March 1812 Abstract   PDF
María Ruiz Estévez
Vol 29, No 3 (2020): Axiology of Judicial Discretion. Theoretical and Practical Aspects Compensation Payable to the Co-owner for the Exclusive Use of the Co-owned Property by Another Co-owner and Member of His Household. Gloss to the Decision of the Supreme Court of 11 January 2018 (III CSK 349/16) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Magdalena Deneka
Vol 26, No 1 (2017): Special Issue: The Legal Determinants of Agricultural Policy Comportamientos desleales en la comercializacion del aceite de oliva. La protección del consumidor Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Trinidad Vázquez Ruano
Vol 31, No 1 (2022) Compulsory Vaccination and Fundamental Human Rights in the World of Work Abstract   PDF
Sara Hungler
Vol 27, No 4 (2018) Concealing the Crime of Homicide by the Perpetrator Abstract   PDF   PDF (Język Polski)
Karol Kagan
Vol 26, No 2 (2017) Conceptions of Inept Attempt Because of the Subject in Judicial Practice (on the Margin of the Supreme Court’s Resolution I KZP 16/16) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Adam Górski, Marcin Klonowski
Vol 32, No 5 (2023) Conceptualizing the Legal Capacity to Fundamental Rights Abstract   PDF
Fruzsina Gárdos-Orosz, Bernadette Somody
Vol 31, No 4 (2022) Concessions for Works or Services – an Over-Regulated Legal Institution Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Panasiuk
Vol 29, No 1 (2020) Conditions for Giving Instructions by the Court Pursuant to Article 5 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Gloss to the Judgement of the Supreme Court of 27 February 2019 (II PK 307/17, LEX No. 2626246) Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Joanna Bodio
Vol 27, No 3 (2018): Special Issue: Mediation in the Polish Legal Order Confidentiality of Mediation in Civil Cases in Perspective of the Jerzy Lande’s Analytical Theory of Legal Norm Abstract   PDF   PDF (POLISH) (Język Polski)
Paweł Kłos
Vol 25, No 3 (2016): Special Issue: From Past Law to Contemporary Law. Jubilee Book in Honour of Professor Wojciech Witkowski Confiscation or Sequestration of Monastic Properties in the Kingdom of Poland in 1864? Abstract   PDF (Język Polski)
Wacław Uruszczak
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